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Eligibility of Membership

Any employee of Central Bank of India working within the area of operation of the Society is eligible for taking membership of the society. Moreover any retired member of the society whose pension paying branch is within the area of operation of the society, is also eligible for regular member of the society.

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Eligibility of Nominal Membership

Any retired member of the society associated with the society for last twenty years without any break, is eligible for taking nominal membership. Nominal members have no right to participate in the election for electing delegate of the society. They are not entitled to deposit money by way of thrift fund or getting loan from the society like regular members. Bur they are eligible for enjoying holiday homes with same rights of a regular member. At present Society giving an amount of Rs.600/- by way of assistance to medical expenses incurred by the nominal members. It is to be noted that no retired member can take the dual membership of regular membership & nominal membership at a time. One more important point is that once the nominal membership is being closed, member can not apply for the same second time.